TWO - Art Media Music

1 - Unconditional

2 - Two

3 - Something is coming your way

4 - Test of time

5 - Down to you

6 - Freedom

7 - Heaven on earth

8 - Kathy

9 - Starting up a fire

10 - It's not the end




After six years from their debut album “Music from the Fab Box”, Fab Box are back on back on track with a new work released by Italian label Art Media Music.

The italian melodic rock duo formed by Fabrizio Ugolini (former vocalist of hard rock band Revenge) and Massimo Bozzi (whose collaborations include big stars from Italian pop scene) returns to propose their mixture of rock, pop, country and westcoast sound that had already garnered enthusiastic response for their debut album.

Simply titled "Two", the album features ten tracks written, arranged and produced by Fabrizio and Massimo.

The songs were recorded in the studios of Art Media Music of Mondolfo (PU - Italy), featuring Matteo Pantaleoni (drums) Matteo Moretti (bass) as well as various Italian and international guest musicians including Paolo Pedretti, Paolo Gennari, Tonino "Crosby" Landini and Gab Guma.

Fab Box also teamed with Caris Arkin , Joy Salinas and the well known bass player and producer Fabrizio Grossi.

Two” is an attempt for Fab Box to further characterise their sound towards a more rocking attitude, without giving up to the richness of atmospheres and influences that marked their music in such a peculiar way.

The result is a pleasantly varied album, with instanct radio appeal songs as “Unconditional” and “Test of Time”, 80’s flavour rockers (”Something is coming your way“ , ”Heaven on Earth”, “Starting up a fire”) and some more intimistic ballads (”Freedom”, “Kathy” and “It’s not the end”).

RUNNING UP THAT HILL - Single - Art Media Music 2013 

Line Up:  

Massimo Bozzi - Vocals / Guitars

Fabrizio Ugolini - Vocals / Guitars

Special Guest: 

Matteo Moretti - Bass

Matteo Pantaleoni - Drum

Paolo Pedretti - Lead Guitar








MUSIC FROM THE FAB BOX -Avenue of Allies - 2009 

1) Tell Her I’m Alright

2) Nobody Tonight

3) Inside

4) The Key

5) A Matter Of Time

6) Let Me Try

7) Together

8) I StillBelieve

9) Reason Of The Heart

10) Call My Name

11) You Are The One

12) Always

13) Yesterday


Westcoast AOR with Pop leanings is the trademark of the debut album of Fab Box.

The Italian duo has a knack to create highly melodic songs, showcasing a winning combination composed of super catchy hooklines, vocal harmonies with guitar riffs and solos, all based on a foundation of acoustic guitars.
The outcome is a striking rock album, rooted in the sound of The Eagles, the Little River Band and Orleans that will appeal to fans of Richard Marx, John Waite, Rick Price, King Of Hearts, Mark Spiro, as well as to devotees of Bryan Adams, Glass Tiger, BB Mak and Toto.

The two Italians are musical partners since 2000, during this time they primarily (co-)wrote songs for other artists.

In the Rock genre the co-operations with former Toto-vocalist Joseph Williams on the Vertigo 2-project and Tyketto shouter Danny Vaughn on his first From The Inside album deserve a special mention.

Over the course of the years these fine songwriters built a considerable catalogue of songs, from which they chose the best ones for their recording debut. The result with its fresh and relaxed sounds turns the Italian Adriatic Coast, where both reside, into a “branch” of the American Westcoast during the heyday of US Westcoast Rock.

The songwriter duo shares the lead vocals and also a lot of the instruments were recorded in their home studio.

The lead guitars were handled by local luminaries like Paolo Pedretti, Tonino "Crosby" Landini, Andrea Leonardi and Paolo "Fofo" Gennari.
The licks and solos of these skilled craftsmen grace every album track and so they add splendidly to make the album an all around enjoyable Rock record.

Furthermore recording credits go to drummer Elyan Fernova, Los Angeles based Fabrizio “V.zee” Grossi (Steve Lukater, Robin Beck, Glenn Hughes, Ambition) on bass, who is an old companion of Fabrizio, as well as Marco Bozzi and Melissa Ugolini on background vocals.

Most of the songs are kept in midtempo and I promise you, that you will join every chorus, when you hear it for the second time, at the latest. These guys really know how to write a great hookline for a song.

The first impressive proof of this is "Tell Her I’m Alright" a rocker, easily fitting on a John Waite album, with verses accompanied by acoustic guitars, while the ear candy chorus is underlaid with a powerful guitar riff.
"Nobody Tonight" hits the same mark and will win you over with an amazing guitar solo, courtesy of Paolo Pedretti. "Inside" slows down the tempo a bit without abandoning the catchyness and a guitar solo.

The poppy intro to "The Key" merges into a rocking rhythm guitar groove which leads to a chorus part full of harmony vocals, before the last section of the song is dominated by the licks of guitar player Andrea Leonardi. The following ballad "A Matter Of Time" and another midtempo song, called "Let Me Try" bring us to one of the albums highlights, "Together". This track was co-written by Joseph Williams for the second Vertigo album and it shows some signature trademarks of Williams-era Toto.

A very strong composition is the ballad "I Still Believe" with its traces of Richard Marx and a very soulful guitar solo by Tonino Landini. We return to midtempo mode with "Reason Of The Heart" and "Call My Name" a very radio friendly song in the vein of the Rick Price debut, this time the guitar leads are shared by Paolo Pedretti and Paolo Gennari. Gentle and enriched by piano stylings "You Are The One" is a track with a silky melody, that every hit song writer would love to have in his portfolio.

The hit factor is also reflected in "Always". Together with Fabrizio and Massimo, Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn the co-writer of this song and it can also be found on the debut of Danny’s solo project "From The Inside".

For this first single of the Fab Box album a sophisticated promotion video was shot, based on a concept by Fabrizio.

The rocking shuffle groove of "Yesterday" closes a terrific album, which will make you forget some of your everyday worries with its catchiness and lightheartedness, and that will bring its main characters Fabrizio and Massimo to the forefront of the Rock guild. (Words : Gregor Klee)