(Lyrics by: Caris Arkin - Fabrizio Ugolini)

Wanna get real close , wanna hold you through the night
Wanna dig down deep, wanna lay it on the line
If I’ll bare my soul, will you do the same tonight?
Wanna get this straight, gotta lay it on the line

I understand your hesitation You’ve been left alone before
But babe believe my affirmation This is all you’re waiting for

‘Cause it gets so close that I can’t break free
And you still believe that it’s all a dream
Can’t you feel the light, and it’s unconditional
Yes you make it burn inside of me
And you can’t believe in your history
It’s our way to love, and it’s unconditional

Make it face to face, baby look me in the eyes
There’s no turning back, gotta give it all this time

It’s such a risky situation To espose yourself to me
But I’m so tired of keep pretending
All I need is something real


Can I hold you close, can I make you see
You’re the better part of the man in me
I can feel your love, and its’ unconditional


(Lyrics by: Fabrizio Ugolini)

She’s been running from the feeling inside
But when demons sleep beside you
There ain’t no place to hide
And guess who’s to blame for the way she feels?

I’ve been selfish and I’ve been so blind
Always taking all for granted
Grabbing all that I could find
Now all that remains is this bitter feel
It’s real

I built my prison bit by bit
Now that I realize what a fool I’ve been
She’s out of reach

If only I could find a way out of here
I know that I could make it all disappear
Now I know that it takes two

Now days go by and I realize
That I’ve been just a victim blinded by my foolish pride
God knows what the hell I was fighting for

Stepping on her dreams one by one
How could I’ve been so careless?
Now she’s gone and I’m not that strong

Yeah, and I could find a way to dry all those tears
And I could give her one good reason to forgive
And forget the heartache and the pain
We’d find a way to start again


(Lyrics by: Fabrizio Ugolini)

I met her on the seaside
A midsummer night’s dream
The prettiest girl I’ve ever seen
Just burst into my life

She’s an earthquake shaking my foundations
She’s an hurricane that blows me down
Ain’t no hiding from this force of nature
And baby I know that…

She’s starting up a fire
My whole world is turning upside down
She’s starting up a fire
My defense is burnt to the ground
But man it feels so right
I’m burnin up and won’t put out the flame
She’s starting up a fire

I tried to do without her
But there ain’t no way to win
She knows so well my weaknesses
And she won’t set me free

She’s a river overflowing its margins
A locomotive running off the rails
Ain’t no way to stop this force of nature
So I’d better face it

Sometimes I think that I’m going crazy
She knows my every move
And when I think that I almost made it
Wherever I’ll go I know I will find her


(Lyrics by: Massimo Bozzi - Fabrizio Ugolini)

Kathy is a girl and she knows
What it means to live a life
Far away from her home
Many love affaires
full of promises
betrayed in the end

Kathy is a mother, works hard
for her little Angel
Every night and every day
Always smiles but when her childhood echoes relive
a hint of sadness takes over her dreams

Far away you search for answers
And maybe you will find
A reason to come back home
Live your life outside this prison
And dry out your tears

Kathy's eyes are blue like the sky
With a fire that burns inside
When she remembers her land
Where her yen for freedom
Ended up denied
As wings were broken
and only dreams could fly


Kathy is a girl and she knows
she will find her strenght now
In the eyes of her child


(Lyrics by: Caris Arkin)

I should have noticed, you were waiting for somebody else
I can't believe you'd want a new heaven
And I didn't notice you were wanting a somebody else
Now I can't believe you've found a new heaven

oh How can you tell me "this isn't enough"
How can you ask me to just give you up... when you are in my heart

Now I'll wait until tomorrow, won't think about the sorrow
(Please) Don't say "I'll still be your friend."
I thought that we would be together, because you said forever
So hold on... Hear me say.... 'that it's not the end.

You should've noticed
I was waiting here all of this time
How could you leave to find a new heaven
(and) I always knew I was yours, and you, certainly mine.
Now I still believe we'll have our own heaven

So don't take away what i thought was so right.
Give me your hand and I'll show you tonight...that you are in my heart.

Now I'm waiting for tomorrow, not thinking'bout the sorrow
Believe me I'm more than a friend.
You said we can stay together and you'd be here forever
So hold on...

'cause I'm counting on tomorrow, not waitin' for the sorrow
so Don't say "I'll still be your friend."
If you think we can stay together, Babe I'll be here forever
Just hold on...cause today... is not the end.

No I can't take anymore ...It feels wrong girl!
...I can't believe you could just walk away.
So I'll keep on waiting...and wait even longer...
(It)just makes me stronger......

Yes i'm waiting for tomorrow, not thinking 'bout the sorrow
Now Don't say "We'll always be friends."
I know that we can be together. Girl, I believe forever
So hold on... 'cause today.. is not the end.
It's not the end.


(Lyrics by: Fabrizio Ugolini)

Counting every minute every day of the week
‘Cause I can’t wait to get to you
Now I’m packing my bags
I’m on my way to heaven

Throw away my cell phone
Shut it all down
I can’t hear that talk anymore
All I wanna do
Is spend the weekend with you babe

‘Cause this town
Is about to bring me down on my knees
Yeah this town
I just wanna leave it all behind me now

So gimme just a little love
That’s all I’m asking for
Tell me the time is right
For heaven on earth
We got this room for two
It’s only me and you
We got tonight
Let’s make heaven on heart

The world is going crazy
But I couldn’t care less
‘Cause baby now I’m here with you
So let’s take our time
There is no rush in heaven

And that town
Is a million miles away from here now
That town
Is about to disappear into the night


(Lyrics by: Fabrizio Ugolini)

so you think that all your hope is gone
you’re stuck in the mud and you cannot go on
you’ve been trying hard to break your chains and be free

you were weakened by all your fears
and now you end up in a pond of tears
desperately searching for a light to see

but even if your darkest night seems to last forever
the break of dawn will come and light your way

‘cause you can’t give up on your restless heart
that was always longing for
the dreams of your life, all those bright blue sky
i still see them in your eyes

even though it’s not easy to see
never lose yourself
you gotta believe

‘cause you can’t give up on your restless heart
and soon you’ll find out that
something is coming your way

you’ve been broken, life has put you down
you’re losing the strength that keeps you on the ground
it’s so hard to find a reason to believe

but even if you’re feeling lost it will not last forever
this time will pass and hope will find its way


it’s time to leave it all behind you now..oh..
this time you’ll make it and you know how
gonna make it, make it, make it go


that something’s coming your way


(Lyrics by: Joy Salinas)

and now nothing’s the same
i feel a new life is coming my way
the time when all the wounds
would seem not to heal
i feel has gone away

how many times i’ve asked myself
what’s in this world
what i think i could say
the things i feel that haunt me
night and day
and just get in my way

i found my freedom in you
you’ve opened my doors
you broke down the walls
that locked up my heart
i found my freedom in you
you’re the one who has found
the key to this heart
i found my new hope in you

caged just like a bird
trilling a song to be heard and be freed
i learned from my mistakes
now i am wiser and you set me free

how many times i’ve asked myself
what’s in this world
what i think i could say
the things i feel that haunt me
night and day
and just get in my way


well i thought life was over then
but you showed me the way, oh
all the tough days that i went thru
and the bitter sadness when i tried to say…
that something’s gonna change!!!

i found my freedom in you
you have opened my doors
broke down the walls
i found my freedom

brought out all of my strength
you shut all my fears
i found my freedom

you’re the one who has found
the key to my heart
i found my new hope in you


(Lyrics by: Caris Arkin)

you, you are the one
i can take this kind of love
and i swear you'll see
what will be done
there's an endless world in front of me

with you, you are the dream
and a dream that i was waiting for
for you, you are to me, heaven on earth.

never felt so sure
with a simple smile and eyes so intricate
now i feel secure with a gift like this
dressed up as instant love

when you spoke to me
an impression turned to find you always there
dancing with hope and walking on air

safe inside this love divine
you show me something new
everything so innocent and true.

i just want to speak my mind
say i believe in you
everything i'm telling you is true

it all comes down to you.

you, you are my love
with a gratitude and
astounding feeling so
real and very strong
you're the wonder
i was wanting for so long

if you are the dream...
i won't wake up till i count
my lucky days
exceptional ways
you're heaven on earth...

now i just want to speak my mind
say i believe in you
everything's so innocent and true

deep inside this love divine
you've shown me something new
everything you say to me is true
it all came down to you

i've known always. here you are.
i hold you right here in my heart
deepest love and friend by far.......

safe inside this love sublime
i can see it's true
i feel so at ease when i'm with you.

now i just want to speak my mind
say i believe in you
everything's so innocent and true
deep inside this love divine
you've shown me something new
everything you're telling me is true
it all came down to you
...and back to you.


(lyrics by: Fabrizio Ugolini)

Too many tears have fallen
Too many sad goodbyes
Too many broken promises
For someone who could be the one

Too many roses have faded
Too many dreams have died
So many words unspoken
For someone who could understand

But if the night will reach the end
Light of love will rise again
And I know, We’ll stand the test of time
Even if darkness falls again
Light of love will find its way
And I know, We’ll stand the test of time

So many bitter quarrels
So many sleepless nights
Where is the love you promised me?
How come we lost on the way?

Too many separations
Too many love gone bad
Is it so hard to hold on
To the dream that we used to share