As real quality releases in the genre of soft AOR & Westcoast are quite rare it is with great pleasure that I introduce Fab Box to all the lovers of this more fluffy part of the music spectrum. Straight from Italy, no less. And hardly an quirky accent in sight.
Fab Box is Fabrizio Ugolini & Massimo Bozzi, the latter producer, arranger & musician for several Italian bands & artists. You may also know Fabrizio Grossi on bass who wrote songs for Joseph Williams & Danny Vaughn.
The result of this collaboration is not suprisingly an album full of very well-crafted songs with lush arrangements & multi-layered choruses to die for. So next to the Vaughn-recorded 'Always' & JosephWilliams' 'Together' we have 11 songs that go from glorious balladry to gently rockin' without going all economical on us when melodies are concerned. Sufficient enough to get us through the summer without too much accidents, we gather, here at casa KVK. 

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