The new Lyrics Video of the song "Test of time" by Fab Box - "TWO"

The new Video realized for Christmas 2016 , Silent Night by Fab Box Acoustic Quartet

The new promo video of the Album "2"



The latest Fab Box video of the single "Unconditional" from the Album "2" 

It was shot inside "Rotonda" in autumn 2015 thanks to the municipal

administration of Senigallia - Marche - Italy

camera : Ivo Serra - Stefano Pola

editing : Marco Bozzi

Musicians : Paolo Pedretti (Guitar), Alessandro Governatori (Bass) 

Paolo Tarini (Drum)

Produced by Art Media Music



Fab Box video of the single "Running up that hill". 

The magic location is in San Severino Marche, Italy, an ancient ruined

deconcecrate abbey, under the big Sant'Eustachio's caves. 

The building is partly carved into the rock of a narrow gorge. 

Fab Box are: Massimo Bozzi and Fabrizio Ugolini, 

Video Shooting: Andrea Carli

Dancer: Melissa Ugolini ,

Spotter:Yiğithan Zirek ,

Photography by Ideana Orrico Photography


For this first single of the Fab Box album "Music from the Fab Box" in 2009

a sophisticated promotion video was shot, based on a concept by Fabrizio.


Another backstage video of the upcoming album o Fab Box .

The song "Down to you" with Massimo Bozzi , Fabrizio Ugolini ,

Matteo Moretti (Bass) and Matteo Pantaleoni (Drum)


Massimo Bozzi and Fabrizio Ugolini working on the upcoming album of Fab Box.

In this backstage video with Matteo Moretti (Bass) and Matteo Pantaleoni (Drum)

playing a song titled "It's not the end"


Drum tracks on "Call my name" Fab Box song from "Music from the FabBox" CD .

Recorded in Melbourne , AiR Studios , Australia Sep 2008


Fab Box Live November 2009 Pesaro - Italy


Drum tracks in "Tell her i'm all right" Fabbox song from the album "Music from the Fab Box"

recorded in AiR studios Melbourne Australia Sep 2008.